Local libraries have undergone major transformations over the past thirty or so years. Gone are dusty stacks of books and stuffy librarians who insist on complete silence. The books are still there, but there are many more, and a much greater variety. And in addition to books, you've got a slew of other resources to keep yourself and your kids entertained -- many of them free!

A Quick Tip

You don't have to be a resident to take advantage of a town's library. You can check out books and media items with any Connecticut library card (you'll need to get the card from the town in which you live, though). And you can even return the items to any Connecticut library! Some libraries may give priority for program registration to residents, so be sure and check ahead of time.

Don't know where your local library is? Want to check out some other local libraries? Check out the website below to get a list of Connecticut libraries.

Connecticut Public Libraries