Resolve to Have More Fun

It's a brand new year, and no matter what your resolutions are, having fun is always an option! And, fortunately, it doesn't have to cost a thing!

Staying Home

Did your child get any toys, games, or project kits for the holidays? Take some time to enjoy them! If the kids have grown bored of them already, break out some items they've had for a while -- and likely forgotten about. Or take out some miscellaneous building and craft supplies and encourage the kids to get creative. Check out the "Fun at Home" tab above for more ideas to get those juices flowing.

Head Outside

If the weather is cooperating, enjoy the outdoors. White stuff on the ground? Play in the snow! Warmer-than-usual temperatures? Visit a local park! Brisk, crisp day? Go for a walk or winter hike -- and throw in a scavenger hunt for added fun! Pick up some remaining leaves, pinecones, small rocks, and more, then head back home to create a nature collage or other craft project.

Take a Trip to the Library

Have you been to your local library lately? Check out their activities calendar to see what children's events they have going on. Even if there aren't any scheduled activities, you can enjoy the books, computers, puzzles, and more that are likely in the children's department. You can also check out their museum passes to find a new museum or other destination to visit. Or you can just check out books, movies, music, and more to enjoy at home!
Not sure where your local library is? Click on the "Public Libraries" tab above to find it. Keep in mind that you can also visit other libraries around the state for more options. Make it a challenge to see how many libraries you can visit!


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