Falling Leaves and Holiday Fun

Fall is in full swing, and the upcoming holidays are approaching fast. Take time to enjoy the beauty and fun our state has to offer!

The Great Outdoors

With fall comes cooler temperatures, perfect for enjoying nature. Go for a walk. Take a hike. Go for a bike ride. Create a nature scavenger hunt. Head to a playground. Go for a picnic. As the leaves fall down, gather them into a pile and slide into them, throw them in the air and watch them float down, or just fling yourself into a big stack.

Check out the Events and Great Outdoors tabs for lots of great ideas to enjoy the weather!

Go Somewhere New

Check out your local library's museum pass program for free admission to several museums around the state. Check out libraries in surrounding towns, too -- many will allow you to reserve a pass even if you're not a resident, and some may have different selections. Explore the sculpture garden and variety of museums at the Springfield Museums just over the border in Springfield, Massachusetts. Wander the grounds of the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington. Or head to a state park to explore the natural beauty our state has to offer.

Looking to the Holidays

This month starts the holiday season with Thanksgiving on the 22nd. But even before Thanksgiving arrives, find story times and themed craft projects at local libraries, light displays in your neighborhood and around the state, and craft fairs eager to get visitors into the holiday spirit. And, of course, check out the fun events on the events calendar. A few highlights:


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