Spread a Little Love and Kindness

Celebrate love in all its forms this month as your family has fun together!

Show Some Love

Leave notes around your home to remind your kids why you love them. Tuck notes into lunch boxes or backpacks. Attach sticky notes to bathroom mirrors. Place a note on their nightstand so they see it when they first wake up.

Surprise your kids with a kissy or tickle "attack." Have a special snack waiting for them when they come home from school. Take them on a special outing. Spend time reading together or playing a board game. Create something together: a puzzle or special project. Spending time with your kids is a sweet way to let them know how much you care and will strengthen your bond.

Spread Kindness

Show your kids how to be kind every day by practicing random acts of kindness. While many people may think of paying for another customer's order or giving people money to show kindness, you don't need to spend money to show you care. Something as simple as smiling, holding the door open, or giving someone a compliment can have far-reaching effects. Look for ways to help others as you go about your daily activities. Does someone need help carrying groceries or something heavy? If it snows, is there an elderly neighbor who could use help with shoveling? Does a friend need a tool you could easily lend them? Can you offer to babysit or have a play date for a parent who needs to run errands?

To spread kindness in a more long-lasting way, look into volunteer opportunities. Even kids can get involved with cleaning a park, sorting groceries, and more. You may find the happy feelings extend to yourselves, as well!

Get Creative

Whether you're making your own Valentines or just having fun with hearts, you'll find tons of great craft project ideas online. Here are a few sites to get you started:

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
SheKnows Heart-Themed Kids Crafts
Enchanted Learning
Share these projects with family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and more. Spread the love farther by calling your local nursing home to see if the residents would like to receive Valentines (many would!). Look for anyone who could use a little love, and show them you care!


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