Fun in the Fresh Air

Now that it finally feels like spring is on the way, take the time to enjoy the crisp air!

Enjoy Nature

The coolness in the air is actually perfect for outdoor activity. Take the kids outside to enjoy nature as life begins to emerge. Search for signs of spring: animals peeking from their winter homes, bits of green poking through the dirt, birds chirping in the trees. Later this month, check out the Spring Outdoors website to discover tons of activities taking place around the state.

And, of course, be sure to check out the "Great Outdoors" tab above for more information on other outdoor activities, such as letterboxing and bird watching.

Get Active

Whether you head to a local playground or stay in your own backyard, have some outdoor fun with the kids. Kick around a soccer ball. Throw a baseball or frisbee around. See who can go higher on the swings. Play hide and seek outdoors. Activities don't have to be complicated to be lots of fun -- and great exercise!

Put the Kids to Work

Though adults often dread it, kids will often consider it fun to clean! Take advantage of their willingness to pitch in by putting them to work. Clean up winter debris in the yard (kids are great at picking up sticks!). Open the windows and tackle indoor spring cleaning projects (damp paper towels are a simple, kid-friendly tool for wiping walls and cabinets). Even if their "help" isn't all that helpful, it keeps them occupied while you do the dirty work. And that can be a win-win!


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